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NEA® Retiree Health Program

Get help paying for costs not covered by Medicare—plus discounts on dental, vision care and more

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Cover the gaps in your Medicare coverage

The NEA® Retiree Health Program provides coverage for the roughly 20% of expenses not covered by Medicare. If you’re over 65, you and your spouse/domestic partner are guaranteed acceptance during open enrollment. Stay in control of your medical care with your choice of doctors and hospitals.

  • Get help paying for expenses not covered by Medicare
  • You’re covered for pre-existing conditions if you’re replacing an existing plan
  • You’ll receive nationwide coverage that keeps pace with Medicare’s annual changes
  • Your benefits automatically increase to cover Medicare’s gaps
  • Switch to the NEA Plan of your choice with no waiting period or lapse in coverage*
  • Get additional discounts on dental care, chiropractic care, vision care, hearing care and vitamins

how it helps

Have more control over your health care

Lower Group Rates

The NEA® Retiree Health Program’s rates are, on average, lower than the nation’s most popular Medicare supplement program. That means if you already have a Medicare supplement policy, and you switch, you could get extra spending money every month. You can check rates by state with this interactive map.

Freedom of Choice

The NEA Plan is not an HMO. Choose your own doctors and hospitals.

Easy Eligibility

You cannot be turned down due to health reasons! No physical exam is ever required and you don’t have to answer any health questions when you sign up during open enrollment periods or when you’re enrolling in Medicare Part B for the first time.


The NEA Members Insurance Trust selected United American Insurance Company to underwrite this program because of their reliable history serving policy holders with quality insurance since 1947 and their rating of A Excellent as of 7/20.

How It Works

Start your coverage and protect your future

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How to enroll

  • Make sure you’re signed in to your NEA Member Benefits account.
  • To apply by phone, call the NEA Retiree Health Program hotline at 1‑844‑213‑1556.
  • To download an enrollment kit, click “Print an Enrollment Kit” above.
  • Enroll during your Medicare Enrollment period, beginning three months before you turn age 65 and ending three months after you turn age 65 to be guaranteed issue.
  • Enroll anytime or during the Open Enrollment* period, visit the NEAMB website under Medicare Supplement to view enrollment dates or sign up to receive e-mail communications.

* Enrollment kits are sent periodically during open enrollment.


Your questions, answered

If you have questions not covered here, please call the NEA Retiree Health Program hotline, toll-free at 1-844-213-1556 (Mon-Fri: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT). Friendly service representatives will be glad to assist you.

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Terms & Conditions

* Members who switch to the NEA Plan could be subject to waiting periods if they do not enroll during an open enrollment period.

† Your rate depends on your particular circumstances and not all members will save. The NEA Members Insurance Trust provides this information to assist you in comparing the options that may be available. Please read the Summary of Benefit for additional details to help make an informed choice that works for you.

The NEA Retiree Health Program and United American Insurance Company are not associated with or endorsed by Medicare, Social Security or any other governmental agency.