Take Control of Your Retirement Savings

For those that want more control, the NEA Retirement Program offers InvestMyself®, a self-guided investment platform that helps you set up, monitor and manage your savings.

Why Open a Self-Guided Retirement Account?

Automate your savings

Set a schedule and create a routine that will help you consistently contribute to your accounts, big or small.

Choose your investment limit

Customize how much or how little you prefer to invest based on your current salary, life events or changes in long-term plans.

Save pre-tax or post-tax

Depending on which programs you choose to enroll in, choose between paying tax up front or down the line.

Mutual and index funds

Whether you prefer passive or active management, or a combination of both, quickly put your investments to work.

Compare Types of Plans

403(b) Plans

Build your retirement savings with the convenience and flexibility of a 403(b) retirement plan.

Features & Benefits
  • Automated payroll deduction (where available)
  • Contribution maximum of $22,500 annually
  • Pre- and post-tax options
  • Rollovers available
  • Not available in all school districts
  • Minimum monthly contribution of $100
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Traditional & Roth IRAs

Give your retirement savings a boost with an individual retirement account.

Features & Benefits
  • Completely portable (maintain account no matter where you work)
  • Contribution maximum of $6,500 annually
  • Rollovers available
  • Available to all educators and their family members
  • Minimum monthly contribution of $100
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What to Expect During the Enrollment Process

step 1
with NEA Member Benefits

Choose whether you want to work with a financial professional or enroll in a self-guided retirement plan. Your information will be shared with our partner Security Benefit to make enrollment easier for you.

step 2
Online enrollment with Security Benefit

Confirm your information and your earlier choices. Then, choose whether you would like to enroll in a 403(b) plan or an IRA. If you choose to work with a financial professional, Security Benefit will connect you with a NEA Retirement Specialist in your area.

step 3
Complete Enrollment in your Retirement Account

After all your online forms are complete, you’ll need to establish contributions into your new account. You can also rollover or consolidate accounts. If you choose to work with a financial professional, you’ll set up an account with that NEA Retirement Specialist.

Ready to get started?
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If you have questions, please call Security Benefit at 1-888-988-7910

Become an Empowered Investor
Explore our library of online tools and articles about retirement planning topics. Get the information you need to create the future you deserve.
Retirement Learning Center
Become an Empowered Investor
Explore our library of online tools and articles about retirement planning topics. Get the information you need to create the future you deserve.
Retirement Learning Center
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We are proud to partner with Security Benefit as the provider of our NEA Retirement Program. Security Benefit has a long track record of helping educators achieve their retirement goals.
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† LIMRA Q4 2023 Not-for-Profit Market 403(b) Segment Contributions in K-12.

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The NEA Retirement Program (“NEA Program”) provides investment products for retirement plans sponsored by school districts and other employers of NEA members and individual retirement accounts established by NEA members. Security Distributors and certain of its affiliates (collectively, “Security Benefit”) make these products available to plans and accounts pursuant to an agreement with NEA Member Benefits (“MB”), which markets the NEA Program. Security Benefit has the exclusive right to offer the products directly or through other authorized broker/dealers, and MB in marketing the NEA Program generally may not enter into arrangements with other providers of similar investment programs or otherwise promote to NEA members or their employees any investment products that compete with the NEA Program products. Security Benefit pays an annual fee to MB under the agreement. You may wish to take into account this agreement and arrangement when considering and evaluating any communications relating to NEA Retirement products.

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