What NEA Members Say


Since 1967, when the NEA Teachers Service Corporation (now called NEA Member Benefits) was founded to administer member benefits programs, we’ve partnered with trusted companies to give the members of the National Education Association access to programs and services that can help them every day.

From programs that focus on long-term financial security to special discounts on purchases large and small, we’ve helped millions of NEA members achieve their goals throughout the past 50 years.

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“I purchased NEA life and short-term disability insurances, and the rates were the best I found. I used the Auto Buying Program when I purchased my new SUV. The salesman could not believe the discount I received! I’ve also used the travel incentives and found great deals for my summer hotel stays. I’m glad to be part of NEA.”
Erin Prosser | NEA member since 1998

Winifred Jackson

an NEA member since 1997, says she always checks neamb.com for discounts before making purchases.

“I’ve used neamb.com to plan vacations, buy things and be part of a community with like-minded people. Over the years, NEA Member Benefits has helped me save thousands of dollars. This has helped me tremendously because I was able to put the money I saved toward payments for cars and education for my children and to help reduce the costs of insurance.”
Denean Burke | NEA member since 2006

Jennifer Rokasky

an NEA member since 2005, says the money she saves via her member discounts helps offset her membership dues.

“In 1971, I got my first full-time teaching contract. I had no credit history and could not qualify for any credit card until I learned about the NEA Member Benefits credit card. It meant the world to me at the time to be accepted for that credit card. I’ve been retired since 2006, and I continue to use it to this very day. I consider it one of the great benefits of membership in NEA.”
Mary Saad | NEA member since 1971

Laura Brown

an NEA member since 1993, says NEA Member Benefits helps her stretch her educational dollar to afford the things she needs.

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